Our Services

@LLIES TECH builds high quality apps!

We can offer software consulting services, custom software development and mentoring.
Our Services

Software development and architecture consulting

We can offer consulting services where you simply hire an expert resource and you drive the project. In this type of project, you get additional workforce and valuable expertise to help you out on a temporary project where hiring a permanent employee is not required or necessary.

You also gain external, objective advice and recommendations which are sometimes difficult to get with your internal resources.

Custom software development

We can provide you with complete custom application development tailored to meet your needs so you can make YOUR business YOUR way. With @LLIES! Your business owns and runs on a management system that doesn't meet your expectations. Plus, each and every day you get all those special requests from your customers but sadly, you must turn them down because your system doesn't support it.

Or you simply can't manage your daily operations with your system and started to build some pretty simple (at first!) Excel files on the side. You've gone a long way doing this but now, after 2 years,these Excel files are getting complex and out-of-hand.

We've encountered these situations many times and can help you to move on the the next step! When you need a system that is completely adapted to your specific business scenarios you should turn to a professional that will get the things done. Get in touch with us today and let's become @LLIES!


We can provide an external look to help your programmers in struggling projects or to start a project with the right practices, tools and technologies.

Managing a software development project can be quite a challenge when the team lacks experience or is struggling with some new technologies. @LLIES TECH can help you overcome these difficulties by accompanying your developers on this journey.

Whether you need to improve software quality, development discipline and practices or your Application Lifecycle Management, call your @LLIES and move on to the next challenge!

Why Choose Us?
  • Quality first
  • Training
  • Full Support
  • Maximize your ROI
  • Web, mobile, desktop, multi-plateform
  • Proven patterns and practices

When building a bridge or an house, quality matters because you will have to keep it for a long time, make improvements and even repairs. When you start up with a solid foundation, you know you will be able to achieve your goals. Building a software is no different in these matters. That's why at @LLIES TECH we believe quality is a process involved since the beginning of the project, not only before deployment.

Before using a new software or implementing changes in operations, each future user should get the appropriate training. After all, if we want to provide a good return on investment, why not start with well-trained employees? @LLIES TECH will join forces to ensure this important phase is well taken care of.

A software we develop is a software we support. We will accompany you in your daily usage and if any improvements are required, we will be happy to continue our involvement upon your needs, without expensive monthly our annual plans. We will happily train your in-house IT staff to ensure they can support and maintain the software themselves, if that's what you prefer.

When analyzing the features required in your custom app, we will help you determine which ones have more value for your organization. In other words, what stuff helps you save time and money and ensures the software is really useful. The less essential or "nice to have" features will be dealt with in a later phase, when we judge of their usefulness, if at all. Let's invest wisely!

These days everyone would like to use some core features on many device types and operating systems. While technologies evolve, this sweet wish is more and more attainable. Let us help you choose what's right for you and build this super useful app!

At @LLIES TECH, we integrate existing tools and software when applicable and we apply already proven and tested programming patterns and practices. After all, why reinvent the wheel? But when a problem is out of the ordinary, we use all our creativity to innovate and create an original yet robust solution.

  • Invaluable experience
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Focus on results and quality

Here are some of the tools and technologies we use and are especially proficient with.